Possibility for an Upcoming Class at Church?

So I am a HUGE fan of XXXCHurch.com.   If you haven’t checked out the site, I suggest you do it.  The whole mission of these guys is to liberate people from the bondage of porn and sex addictions, while reaching out to those in the porn industry to show them the love of God…

They have the Jesus Loves PornStars Bible as well that they hand out in mass at the adult entertainment conventions in Vegas and such.

So the guy who founded this, Craig Gross, is the preacher and founder of Fireproof Ministries.

Hey and another guy, Jason Harper just wrote a book that was released Sept. 1st Called Jesus Loves You this I Know. I went to the site with the free videos from the book and curriculum for a church group and some of them just blew my mind!  It really touched me…

I guess what I’m asking for is opinions on it.  Go to the website at http://www.jesuslovesyou.net.  Watch some of the free video snippets from the program and read up on the subject matter of the book and let me know what you think about it.

I think it’s awesome, but seeking counsel is also a thing I like to do.

Leave your opinions

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