God’s Mirrors

G.R. Tweed hid in the jungles of Guam for three years after the Japanese occupied the small island in the Pacific in 1941.  He stood on top of a ridge looking out across the ocean and there he saw the U.S.S. McCall.  He realized this might be his only chance for escape—he had preferred the jungle to the POW camps.  He made a quick decision and pulled out a small mirror.  At about 6:20 pm he began sending signals.

Holding the mirror in his hands he tilted it back and forth against the sunrays in the direction of the boat.  Three short flashes, three long, then three more short—S.O.S.  The signal caught the eye of a young sailor on board.  A rescue boat was dispatched and that night Tweed was rescued. (Adapted)

The power of a mirror.  We often take it for granted, don’t we?  We look in it, we often use it to tear ourselves down, and we often just forget their there.  What if Tweed hadn’t had that mirror?  What if the mirror didn’t reflect?  Well the conclusion can be made that he wouldn’t have gotten rescued.  A mirror, actually has a pretty important role—to reflect things.

Paul writes,

“ And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Notice that first part—we all reflect the Lord’s glory.  If we reduce our life to one simple statement of meaning it would be this:  Reflect God’s glory.  Our sole purpose, our only mission is to reflect the glory of God!  What exactly does that mean?

Think of the sun and the moon.  The sun is the show-stopper, the main event, the sustaining star of the solar system, a giant, flaming ball of hydrogen and helium—bright. The moon, is far different.  Dark, cold, chalky, riddled with craters and distorted by the impacts of many asteroids and meteorites.  Not exactly the coolest place to be.  But the moon has an important job—it reflects the sun’s light when it is dark to give a little light to the night.  The moon is a colossal-sized cosmic mirror.  It’s sole job is to reflect!

Christians are like the moon.  We’re riddled with holes, we’re out there floating alone, and have nothing…until Christ comes into our life.  Then we are lit up with the glory of a trillion suns, but still as only a reflection of the true source—God Almighty.  We are God’s mirrors here on earth.  We reflect the one we belong to, we are the in the image of the Creator.  That’s heady stuff, church!  Looking at life from that perspective can give us a glimpse of just how big a job we have been given.  Like the mirror that saved G. R. Tweed, we reflect the salvation and glory of God to a world of lonely, burnt-out, broken-down, and tired people!

That blows my mind!  That we can have that large of an impact.  The best thing about this however it this:  it’s not based on us!  We reflect God, not ourselves! It’s all about Him, not all about us!  So ask yourself, “How’s my reflection?”  You may be surprised at just how bright you really are!  Just something to think about.

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