Lost in a Sea of Faces

There’s a great song that’s been out for several years by one of my favorite bands—Kutless. The song is called “Sea of Faces.”  The over-arching theme of the song is Christ’s love for us individually for who we are, no matter where we’ve been, where we’ve grown up, or however many mistakes we’ve made.  Sometimes, however, I forget about that love.
There are times (sometimes days, sometimes months) that I feel completely lost in the world.  I feel like I just don’t belong—that I just don’t connect.  I feel like there are billions of other people all over the world who have their own sets of problems…so why would anyone care about mine?  Have you ever felt that way?  Maybe you’re feeling that way now.
It’s times like those, however, that my Father gently reminds me of who He is, and what He’s done.  What has He done?  He traded His life for mine. The Apostle Paul puts it like this:

“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us”(Gal 3:13).

Make sense?  Think of it this way:  You’re on trial for murder.  Everybody—the Judge, jury, Prosecution; even your own defense attorney knows you’re guilty.  You don’t stand a chance.  Just as the Judge is about to slam his gavel down announcing your sentence, which is undoubtedly the death penalty, someone walks in the court room and quietly approaches the bench.  The Judge makes the announcement that this man has offered to take your sentence for you.  He is willing to be punished for a crime that he didn’t commit and to die for a murder that he was blameless in.  That’s what Jesus did for us! He did it for me…and that’s humbling.
Because of me and my dumb decisions, bad choices, and botched attempts to save myself…Jesus had to die. But He wasn’t forced to—no.  He chose to take my place.  He couldn’t bear to see me endure eternal separation from Himself…so He left the glorious splendor of His heavenly Kingdom and stepped into history with one purpose: to take my place. As Kutless puts it, “If only my one heart was all you’d gain from all it cost, well I know you would have still been there with a reason to willingly offer your life.”
It’ amazing when I think that I’m not just a random person floating lost in a sea of humanity. I’m not just here by a chemical accident in the chaotic randomness of the universe—no.  God has a purpose for me. And God has a purpose for you, too.  So, next time you feel lost, lonely or abandoned (and college does that to you, real quick), remember that Jesus became the curse, became the loneliness, became the sin…so you could be free. Think about it.

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