Break My Heart for what Breaks Yours

Last week I talked about looking outside ourselves.  I talked about how I live in “my own little world with a population: me.”  Along that same thread, I want to continue.  As I was going through my week I realized just how out-of-touch with things I can be.  So this week, my prayer is this:  Father, break my heart for what breaks yours.
What does that even mean?  How could that happen?  Well, I think it happens when we sincerely ask God to make it happen first off, then we begin to look at the world around us and realize that things aren’t as “good” as we thought.  When I begin to realize that or put a face on the bad things I hear on the news every night before I sleep that I can most assuredly say the world is not alright…and I’m not either.
Imagine if you had a relationship with that homeless person you pass everyday when you get off Interstate 75.  How would that change your perception?  How would that open your eyes?  Think about if that was your son or your daughter…would you just pass on by?  Well…those people are someone’s sons and daughters.  Those people have a story just like you.  Those people had a family.  Those people had love.  But now, they have nothing but the clothes on their back and a cardboard sign.  Have you ever stopped and really made eye-contact with these suffering people?  Most of them are crying.
Next time your at work or at Wal-Mart, look at the people as you walk by.  Make eye contact.  You’ll see something.  You will see just how beaten down they are.  How deadness has overtaken the sparkle in their eye.  Church, we need to pray that as individuals and as a body, that God will open our eyes to see the world through His.  There is a passage in The Gospel of Mark that speaks to my heart on this issue.  It goes like this:

“ When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd” (Mark 6:34).

Jesus saw that the people were helpless and hopeless.  He can do that.  He can see the heart.  We can’t.  But that doesn’t mean that God can’t enable us to feel pain where He feels pain and to rejoice where He rejoices.
I want to challenge myself and you this week to ask God to let your heart break while His does.  That you will shun evil, even if it’s your “pet sin” and you’ve kept it a secret for so long.  That maybe, just maybe, you’ll step out of your comfort zone (which isn’t easy at all) and be the miracle to someone.  The Body of Christ is supposed to be Jesus’ hands, feet, and mouth in this world.  Let us commit to being just that.  To be moved to compassion just like Jesus.  If we truly are the Body, then we will do these things…because the world needs hope now, more than ever.  Who will you give your hope to? May God break your heart and mine. Just something to think about this week.

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