What do I Know of Holy?

As I was driving to the office Monday morning, I was wondering what to write about.  Holiness came to my mind.  Also, the idea that I don’t really know holiness.  I feel lI don’t get the concept.  I feel like if I did, it would change my life forever.

For instance, my prayer life:  I pray to God…but I talk the whole time.  All the while hoping to hear from Him.  But God is patient…He doesn’t usually interrupt me.  I counsel God on what I think I should do, and what my will is, and what my intentions are.  And that hits me hard, because by doing that, I think I’ve made God too small—put Him in a cage.  I try and lead God rather than letting God lead me. I don’t follow a God I can lead around like a puppy. I follow the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of Creation, the Everlasting, Almighty, Infinite God.

In my reading and understanding of Scripture, I kind of thought I had it all figured out.  I know all the Bible passages that defend the faith, my doctrine is good, I read the Bible everyday…but something was missing. I knew that God was mighty to save and my Rock, Salvation, and Fortress, but I didn’t really know that. I realized that hearing the word and doing it are two polar opposites.  By just hearing and not doing, I turned the divine, flawless word of God into empty words on a page.  Then, through the word, I caught a glimpse of God’s holiness—it brought me to my knees.  When faced with God’s holiness there is no other reaction—falling on our knees in repentance and worship are the only things that will suffice. Why?  Because God is holy.

There is a song by the band Addison Road called “What do I Know of Holy.”  It’s the inspiration behind this article.  The song—the lyrics…they tore me apart—inside.  Like the song, I am forced to ask myself, “What do I know of You (God) who spoke me into motion?  Where have I even stood but the shore along your ocean? Are you fire? Are you Fury?  Are you Sacred? Are you Beautiful?  What do I know of Holy?

Moreover, What do I know of wounds that will heal my shame through Jesus Christ? And a God who gave life “its” name? What do I know of Holy? Of the One who the angels praise? All creation knows His name, on earth and heaven above. What do I know of this love? When I ask these questions, the world seemed to fade away.  My thoughts were truly centered on God.  And I realized what love is—what holiness is:

“He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.4 Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted. 5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. 6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all” (Isaiah 53:3-6, NIV).

That’s what I know of Holy.  That’s what is tangible—it’s real.  That the Holy One, Jehovah, entered human history in the most unconventional way—as an infant, and grew up like me.  He lived like me (minus the sin), He talked like me, He got hungry, and left the glory of the Throne of Heaven to get to know me,   Not only me, but every single person in the world, in His time, all the way up to the present and beyond. He died and rose again.  Our King died for us.  He laid down His life so that we might have a fighting chance at eternity with Him.

He gave it all up to come here and be rejected by the very people He came to save. We still reject Him today.  But that scandalous, crazy, audacious, and overwhelming love of Jesus Christ will endure forever, and if we just take time to sit in His presence, to ask Him to truly let us know Him, He will do just that.  That’s what we can know of Holy.  Just something to think about.

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