A Letter to the American Church


Dear American Church,

What have you become?  Where has your passion gone?  Where has your zeal run to?

Do you remember justice, mercy, and freedom?

Do you remember peace, love, and the joy of the Lord?

I know you silently ask these questions; afraid to ask for fear of reprimand.  I know that you truly believe there really is more than sitting and staring at the back of someone else’s head for two hours a week.

You ask, “What if things were different?  What if we sacrificed more?  What if we truly lived like we say we believed??

What would change? Would you change?  Would you speak these words aloud or would you ponder them silently while staring at your jeans as the communion plate drifts by; as you silently brew crying out to God, “I know there is more!”

You live in the richest country in the history of the world, yet you feel poor.  Your churches, they are huge; over-flowing with people, yet you feel so alone.  You ache for something to spend your money one that will fix things; you yearn to lay down your Starbucks, Netflix, PC’s, tablets, and smart-phones for something bigger. But you don’t know why.

Your worship is full of the latest technology, bright colors, perfect pitches, and dynamic speakers…but often…you leave empty.

Your life is dictated by a small piece of equipment with two hands that you watch shamefully as your life, every second, every moment…literally ticks away. You’re addicted to self, and want to change, but you don’t know if you can.

You read of the church in the 3rd World – the freedom, the passion, the poverty, and the zeal…and you crave to have what they have.  You scream out in your heart of hearts to be freed from the endless cycle of committee meetings, treasuries, and the rules of  the “you’s and me’s” who are just diseased, forgetting we have fallen from Eden’s bliss, into the world of great pain, agony, and clenched-fists.

You long for something more, something bigger, something to do…but your religion conveniently tells you it’s not up to you.  Sit. Don’t question.  Don’t worship. Don’t embarrass yourself. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t sing loud. Be on time. Be here. Give this.  Do this.  Don’t do that.  Don’t change.  Nothing new allowed.  Nice clothes only.  Creeds, orders, and moldy crackers to swallow and go home as if nothing happened….

…but I tell you the truth:

There isn’t is more.

See, when God died, he didn’t die for rules, regulations, committees, billion dollar buildings, and nice landscaping.  No.  He died for you, He did for me. He died to set us free from the very thing that was killing us – rules, religion, and reckless addiction to things that kill, balms that will never heal, medicines that will not fulfill, and relationships that will only kill.

He died to break traditions, laws, and to give you permission to live out His mission of the Great Commissions.  To seek and save that which is lost, no matter the cost because nothing is impossible for God.  He died to show you that Starbucks, big trucks, cable, and pools are nice, but they can’t get you to Him, and in them you won’t find life.

So how do you change? 

What do you do?

The first part is admission that you’ve been living off- mission.  You’ve been living for you with dynamic precision, feeling that you are more important than any other of His children. See, in giving out of all you have, giving up all you have, you truly become rich. In stopping the addictions to wireless signals and status updates you truly see the bigger picture – that you are a child of the King, an heir to the Crown, and His mission for you is to stand up and lay everything you cling to down on the ground.

Weep and mourn, cover your heads in the dust of what once was, and begin a new in Him who died to save you…from you.

Realize that time is a precious commodity, not to be wasted, bargained, or invested in the economy.  See that your life is more than things, that you’re a slave to the “American Dream” which is really just a nightmare bursting at the seams that will drag you to hell where I won’t hear your screams. Realize that your faith is not a political movement, but a movement of life to another world, a world not governed by man, not enforced by dictators and kings, but a loving God who truly gives you freedom and liberty.  Stop relying on your “rights” because you have none to claim – only live in the moment and leave out the shame. Stop using my name to get your way and manipulate, and realize that this world needs you, and none of the hate.

Dear American Church,

I pray that you will see, that in your richness you have lost the blessing of having nothing, but gaining everything. So show me where the revolution begins.  Show me where it starts!

i hear it now beating, in the blood flowing from your hearts – with every breath praise the Lord, with every shout proclaim, that in Him is life and love, and liberty…and there is no other way.

So what are you waiting for?  When will you start? What better place than here? What better time than NOW?

Only you can choose what to do, but I pray that we will finally unite, undivided without fright, no denominational loyalties, and only adoration for the King of Kings.  So the ball is in your court now; will you sit, or will you sing?



One thought on “A Letter to the American Church

  1. Brilliantly written!… and EVERY word exactly what we need to hear right now. I’m I. The middle of Gods at War and this subject has been on my mind a lot this week. I’m thinking and praying about the changes I need to make. Well done!


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