Demonology: Temptation and Demonic Obsession

Ok, it’s been awhile – sickness and holidays have kept me busy, so I apologize for the delay in continuing.

A NOTE OF CAUTION:   dealing with the demonic is not something to take lightly.  You should not engage the enemy if you are a paranormal investigator or a ghost hunter.  Also, these signs, (and there are a lot) should not instantly be taken to believe the demonic is a factor.  It is just as dangerous to plant to idea of demonic possession into the mind of someone who is experiencing mental illness or a physical malady.

In the last post I talked about the Five Levels of Diabolic Influence
1) Temptation
2) Obsession
3) Oppression
4) Possession
5) Infestation

I want to go in-depth with these so you can see how they play out.

1) Temptation  – This falls under the “ordinary” level of influence.  If you’re a human being, you’re always subject to temptation.  The enemy will appeal to the flesh through out (environmental) and in (mental) lusts and desires to hopefully get you to act.  Every sin begins as a thought – never forget that – and those thoughts can and will be used against you.

The next ‘levels’ are considered “extraordinary.”280762_9740510_lz

2)  Demonic Obsession – This is when an individuals thoughts are relentlessly hitting them through the influence of the demonic.  A person’s mind becomes fixated or obsessed with a thought or a series of thoughts.  You see a lot of this happening with the free and anonymous access to porn that most of us have.  This can manifest as suicidal thoughts, thoughts of homicide, hurting others, addictions that come out of nowhere, etc.

An interesting idea that the Early Church Fathers tell us is that “Satan has a particular hatred for women, because it was through a woman (Mary) that his head was crushed. (Gen. 3:15-16).  Also, women are often victimized a lot more than men and statistically speaking, most cases of documented possessions are women.

How do you tell if it’s demonic or psychological?  First off, a complete psychological evaluation must be performed by an actual psychiatrist.  More often than not, this step weeds out the mental illness and finds the problem there.  If the person in question is released by the psychiatrist and they can find NO reason for the condition, then we begin to look to the demonic.  A hand diagnostic tool (though it’s not always telltale) is that if prayers are prayed over the person and they return to a normal state of mind for a few days, it’s probably not psychological.  Not saying that God doesn’t heal mental illness, but more often than not, a true mental illness will persist unabated.

Obsession can also manifest itself as a complete and uncontrollable infatuation with demons, Satan, or the occult.  This person may dabble in the occult, constantly credit everything to Satan or demons, or be preoccupied with excessive searching for demonic interaction (Ouija boards, scrying, ghost writing, seances, necromancy, dowsing, black magic, voodoo, etc.)

Interestingly, you can see this play out on paranormal TV shows or ghost hunting shows.  I’m reminded of an episode of Ghost Adventures where the host is looking for a way to be possessed or to be scratched or hurt by the demonic, and he won’t let it go.  Also, that same host bought a house because it was supposed to be the most haunted house on the market…he was/is constantly seeking out this kind of thing.

Moral of the story:  don’t let your curiosity with the darkness lead to your downfall.  Don’t let yourself become obsessed.  I’m reminded of this quote:

“If you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Next post will deal with Demonic Oppression.

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