So You Think You Know About the Bible?

What’s in the Bible? Could you relate it with truth? Would you be sure you were being factual? Do you know where to look? How do you find out?
Here’s what most of us do:
We go to Google, Siri, and reddit to glean information. We click on crazy headlinesBible-Public seeking a quick bit of information to steel our convictions. We join Facebook groups about theists vs. atheists. We lurk in the sub-reddits about religion. We observe the rhetoric that is often argumentative and circular in reasoning. From both sides.
Most threads end unresolved as the next high-octane topic gets posted. “God is a Murderer” or “Jesus Never Existed,” or “Christians are bigots” or “the Bible isn’t real.” You get the idea.
I talk to people. A lot. All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Christians, atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, and everything between. When I’m talking with people, and they ask my thoughts on something, I’m never shy about my faith. What I do find is that a lot of times there is a complete misunderstanding of what the Bible is and what it says.
More often than not, our source material is our formerly religious brother-in-law. You know, the guy who can regurgitate whatever article he read and sound credible.
I want to help you, if you want to know about the Bible. I want you to see it in all its glory and elegance. It is a beautiful collection of literature that has stood the test of time. It is far more than a run-of-the-mill book. I want you to see the beauty of its prose; the sweeping narrative; the powerful words that will wake your soul as the voice of your Creator beckons.
Some of the things we’ll cover are:
  • Why are there two parts to the Bible?
  • Is the text of the Bible historically accurate?
  • What source materials do we have to prove the Bible’s consistency?
  • Was the text edited?
  • Was it thrown together by a bunch of guys in the third century?
  • Why are there some books that didn’t make the cut?
  • Who decides what goes into the Bible?
  • What does a thousands-year old book have to do with me?
  • God
  • sexuality
  • human life
  • reality
  • eternity
  • war
  • poverty
I want to invite you to walk this journey with me. I’m no scholar. I don’t even have a Master’s Degree. I’m a pastor who didn’t start out that way. I asked all these questions. I’m still asking some of them. Let’s walk this road together. Let’s open our minds and rid ourselves of what we know. Let’s come to the Bible and see if it is the Word of God…or if it’s some other book.
We’ll get started soon!
I love you! God loves you more,

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